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Will the Developed Countries Ever Agree on How to Stop Global Warming?

The UN intergovernmental panel discussion revealed that we have the money and knowledge on how to stop global warming in April 2007. The report revealed that we have at our disposal existing technology to reverse the trends already set in motion. Climate temperature changes can be halted according to their experts on the proviso that world governments will get on board and their politicians will influence businesses in the private sector and citizens alike to do their part.

The panel has concluded that we can decrease well over 26 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. This percentage of greenhouse gas emissions correlates to about a ceiling of 2-3 degrees temperature rise within our atmosphere. The cost of implementation projected in the billions of dollars will be weighted out against the benefits for humankind, our animal and plant life. The panel warns that there are still more economic alternatives but they would still result in an estimated 4-degree rise in temperature by the end of this century.

Most major governments of the world are taking at least some interest in how to stop global warming from becoming the worst crisis this modern world has ever seen.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), though not representative of all of Japan has been considering how to stop global warming by reducing carbon dioxide greenhouse emissions throughout their Tokyo jurisdiction since 2005. Their goal is to reduce 10% of their greenhouse gas emissions by 2009. They will devise a plan to reduce energy consumption in small offices and energy consuming power plants alike.

Their plan on how to stop global warming will include adopting high-temperature incineration of sewage sludge, purifying water by solar power generation at their plants and they will be driving new vehicles designed to conserve energy.

Other measures on how to stop global warming will be to manage electrical consumption in high schools and promote reusable energy in their government buildings.

They will also plant more greenery in the Tokyo’s metropolitan area to absorb carbon dioxide emissions and expand their plan to forestry management.

On the other hand, the United States will not enter into the binding contracts for target dates endorsed by the Kyoto Summit recommendations, preferring to enter the fight on global warming voluntarily and putting their own solutions on how to stop global warming into play.

In 2005, the United States agreed to only one of the then Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair’s three proposals for solutions on how to stop global warming, stating at that time, that situation did not warrant urgency considering the cost factor would be astronomical.

In turn Canada and Japan refused to invest in further greenhouse gas emission cuts stating that the cost of technology needed and subsequent change over would mean that their businesses would not be able to compete with the US who would not be putting out this extra cost and therefore benefiting in the savings by using the cheaper energy presently available.

The US is holding out as long as large countries such as China and India do come on board as well.

By 2007, some interesting innovations on how to stop global warming were coming out of the United States including an idea to research new technology such as giant sunlight-blocking mirrors in space.

However the UN interplanetary panel committee has not sanctioned this idea stating it is “largely speculative, uncosted and with potential for unknown side effects”.

What are the answers will we ever agree as world governments on how to stop global warming and more importantly take all the necessary measures to do it?

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