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What Is Global Warming: A Question Our Ancestors Never Had To Ask

One of the most difficult environmental issues to deal with today is global warming, but before we start any discussion we must ask the question what is global warming?

When you google the question what is global warming you will get a host of web definitions to explain what is global warming. Each definition will pretty much tell you the same thing, global warming is the earth’s temperature rising a few degrees each year; thus causing the earth to warm up.

From this definition given for what is global warming, inquiring minds would also want to know what effects global warming will have on our environment, assuming the earth is designed to remain at fairly the same temperature throughout time. However, the truth is the earth’s climate has been in constant flux for 5 billion years.

We do know that there was an ice age and there exists a theory that the ice age was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, so we do know that climate changes affect both flora and fauna.

However since the ice age, the earth warmed up, and it has maintained a fairly regular global temperature since that time. New plant and animal life, including human being surfaced after the earth warmed up. At the current temperatures the earth is equipped to sustain life.

However the earth is off its natural course and is warming up much faster than it should; causing many scientists and environmentalists alarm. Global warming is a cause for concern because it can and will destroy the quality of life that humans, animals, insects, and plant life have known for centuries. Global warming if not eradicated can alter our genetic or physical make up or, in the worse cause scenario render our planet totally inhabitable.

Cases of animals losing their natural habitants, such as the artic polar bears, whose ice capped domains, are now dissolving into water, or sheep in Argentina becoming blind from the intense heat of the sun are being documented as we speak. Scientists are predicting that animals species will disappear along with the many insects that we know today, giving rise to whole new species of insects adaptable to the warmer conditions.

The danger does not stop there, more and more cases of skin cancer in humans is being reported and is believed to be a result of exposure to the sun’s intense rays. The situation is alarming but not irreparable at this point.

Thus when we ask the questions what is global warming, and what are the effects of global warming, we must also ask what caused global warming. When we know what caused the earth to warm up, we must also be prepared to reverse or at least slow down this deadly phenomenon.

According to a broader web definition that answers the question what is global warming, “ Global warming is the gradual increase in global temperatures caused by the emission of gases that trap the sun’s heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. …””

Now that we know that gases cause it, we have investigated the type of gases and scientists have found that it is greenhouse gases that humans have released into the air. It goes without saying if we are the cause of the earth warming up, we must also provide the solution to fix or mend that damage as well.

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