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What Causes Global Warming Also Prevents the Earth From Entering Another Ice Age

Global warming is an issue that concerns everyone and ongoing research is being carried out to find what causes global warming. The fact is the earth is getting warmer, meteorologists have known this for quite some time now. The average earth temperature is rising at a rate of one percent per century, however the last 10 years has been the hottest years ever recorded. The earth is quickly becoming hotter and scientists believe the pace will only accelerate to reach up to 2 to 9 percent hotter before this century is over.

With climate changes come changes in the environment, animal, insect, plant and human life. One of the biggest challenges for scientists today is to find out what causes global warming and to combat its deadly consequences.

One view for what causes global warming is that it is just a natural phenomenon as seen after the ice age when the world warmed up. However, even more scientists feel that human intervention has played a large part in what causes global warming.

The greenhouse effect is one of the major theories today for what causes global warming. Scientists believe that gases are trapped within the earth’s atmosphere and do not release into outer space. These gases act like a blanket covering the earth and thus cause the atmosphere to remain bogged down with hot air. The greenhouse analogy is used because the hot air is trapped within the atmosphere in much the same way as hot air is captured by the sun through a glass dome and trapped in a greenhouse. Though the temperature may be cold outside of the greenhouse plants can grow inside the greenhouse because it is hot. The hot air cannot escape.

The gases in the earth’s atmosphere act like the panes of glass in the greenhouse, they serve like a blanket above the atmosphere, and as the suns rays enter the earth’s atmosphere it does penetrate through the blanket of gases to absorb in the atmosphere as energy for the earth, land, water, biosphere, etc, but when this energy is absorbed, some of it will escape and return to space. The earth was designed in this fashion to normally contain some of the gases in its atmosphere to keep the earth relatively warm and sustainable for plant and animal life. If all the gases were to escape back into space the earth would be about sixty degrees (Fahrenheit) colder than what it is right now.

The problem with the greenhouse effect is that even though the earth was designed to release some of the gases back into outer space after they were absorbed as energy on earth, these very gases are not able to once again penetrate through the earth’s atmosphere to release into outer space. The earth may not enter another ice age but it may in time become too hot to sustain life.

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