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Volcanoes, Belching and Corn: See the Latest Reports in Global Warming News

Some of the most pressing issues in this world today are the impact and solutions for climatic change. Everyday the Internet, world news feeds, and other media provide us with the latest on global warming news. There are so many ways that global warming news presents itself, from alarming statistics to new climatic change discoveries.

In the realm of carbon dioxide emissions, there are some interesting new discoveries pertaining to global warming news. Geologists from a Texas Tech University have been studying an old Scandinavian Mountain chain that once was volcanic. They discovered that the magma mixed with carbon dioxide creates what they call a “soda pop eruption” this dispels the long held theory that magma could not be dissolved by carbon dioxide. These scientists have noted that today’s volcanic eruptions are more intense then volcanic eruptions of the past and can cause dire consequences for habitants closest to them.

Similarly, concerning volcanic rock, a team of scientists have studied underwater volcanic rock on the west coast of California and determined that as much as a 150 years of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is trapped inside. However, rather than harm the environment many scientists believe that burying carbon dioxide emissions and preventing them from entering the atmosphere above the earth might prove to be a viable global warming solution. It is believed that dumping carbon dioxide into the oceans may be a better plan for large fossil fuel producing companies than to find overland burial sites. The Basalt lining of the ocean (hardened lava from volcano eruptions) mixed with carbon dioxide will transform into a mineral solid. The United States spends billions of dollars each year studying “carbon sequestration”, and a new study will now be underway to study the economic feasible of underwater carbon sequestration as opposed to the traditional land sequestration.

On land, the global warming news surfacing of late pertains to the methane gas expelled by cows. Methane gas is produced in cattle in one of their four stomachs known as the rumen, and then leaves the lungs through the process of breathing and belching. Scientists hope to patent a feed formula that will reduce the methane emissions from livestock and in turn cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

The reason to look at methane gas emissions is that this gas is known to stay in the earth’s atmosphere for a period of 10 to 12 years while carbon dioxide is said to linger from 50 to 200 years. Quicker solutions to greenhouse gas emissions are considered necessary to help reverse the frightening trend of global warming.

Also in global warming news of late, is the rush to switch fuel for automobiles and other transportation into corn-based ethanol. It is considered a more cost efficient approach by releasing U.S. dependency on foreign oil supplies and will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the long run. Ethanol is biodegradable. It is also a renewable fuel, and adding ethanol to fuel will result in a cleaner fuel that has been oxygenated and has less carbon dioxide substances. This new compound will completely burn away while providing less environmental pollution.

The reality of the situation is that more research and technology is required before ethanol use will truly be cost effective. The factories needed to convert ethanol into a fuel source will be giving off carbon dioxide emissions. Forests are being destroyed to make way for farmland. Meanwhile, farmlands are being diverted from producing food for the global economy to producing corn for fuel. We are already seeing the increase of food prices, and threats of famine are inevitable as food crops are dwindling.

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