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The Most Critical Effects of Global Warming: Are We Running out of Time?

The most critical effects of global warming that we are seeing across the globe today have already begun to change the face of the earth and warm up the atmosphere.

The cause of global warming is linked directly to greenhouse gas emissions, and these deadly gases stay within the earth’s atmosphere like a blanket of heat. The trapped gases are unable to escape into space therefore heating the planet and wrecking havoc along the way.

The first and most compelling effects of global warming is related to the rapid speed in which the surface of the Artic is changing: polar ice caps are melting at rapid speed, glaciers found in the far North and even in areas as far as Glacier National Park in Montana, USA are disappearing from the face of this earth.

There are several dangers related to the melting ice, all of which will have critical effects of their own. We are talking about 5,773,000 cubic miles of additional water from ice and snow running into to our natural waterways. With more water, rising sea level and riverbank flooding is inevitable. Tsunamis and massive flooding will continue to destroy coastal homes and riverfront hotels killing millions of animals and people alike.

The effects of this massive meltdown will produce ecosystem anomalies. Ice and snow is a product of freshwater, and when this fresh water reaches the salty Atlantic Ocean it will change the chemical balance, the ocean and seas will become less salty. This will affect marine life and cause cooler temperatures in the North Eastern parts of America and the Western part of Europe.

These effects of global warming will also change the land mass of the Artic, causing starvation and extinction of the animal life present, only the strongest of the species will survive.

The ice caps also keep the earth cooler by reflecting the sunrays back into space, once gone, the earth will be warmer, with only the oceans to reflect the sun, the earth will warm up because the oceans will also absorb the heat from the sun.

Other effects of global warming will include a rise in droughts and heat waves such as we have never seen before. While some areas, will be flooded and generally experience wetter conditions, other areas, such as Africa, will experience severe droughts. The water shortage in African countries is critical now and will get worse. It is predicted the Europe will also see droughts.

The incredible heat will give rise to more hurricanes. The cost of injury, property damage, food shortages, and diseases will be astronomical plaguing governments, medical establishments, insurance companies, and individuals alike. It is time to take the effects of global warming seriously, the clock is ticking and we are running out of time.

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