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Humans Affected by Global Warming: Become Less Healthy than Mosquitoes

Discussions about the climate crisis most often focus on greenhouse gas emissions, polar ice caps melting, temperature changes, sea levels rising, famines and droughts. We must not negate to look at humans that will be affected by global warming in terms of the virus explosion it will perpetuate. Yes, we will not only be affected by the environment we live in but our own bodies, will be affected by global warming as well. Our health and physical existence will be at risk.

Nobel prize winner, and scientist Mario Molina said, “ Long before we run out of oil, we will run out of atmosphere”. It is a scary thought, but what is also scary is the fact that the mosquito will strive in these temperatures. The rise of Malaria, Dengue Fever and Chikungunya will spread through Africa and the tropics like wild fire.

According to the World Health Organization, not only Africa but also poorer countries such as India in Asia will be severely affected but insect disease and death.

However, they will not stop there, as the temperatures and sea level continues to rise, and more and more areas of the globe become wetter and hotter, these insects will strive, they will grow and prosper and they will spread! In fact they will be much healthier than the human race.

Temporary occurrences such as El Nino local weather patterns have contributed to outbreaks of malaria in the tropics, and as the climate warms up more and more El Nino type weather patterns will occur facilitating the spread of the disease to more regional areas and thus larger human populations will be affected by global warming disease related epidemics.

We know that malaria is associated with warmer climates, but according to Khasnis and Nettleman, during different periods of the earth’s history, outbreaks have occurred in Europe, during the Little Age Ice, and North America at other periods of time were affected as far north as the Artic Circle!

According to Khasnis and Nettleman, this would point to the fact that malaria-carrying mosquitoes are less affected by cooler weather than they are affected by the drug treatments and other precautions available in wealthier northern countries. However, even these drugs and our ability to contain or eradicate the disease is wearing thin. These mosquitoes are becoming drug-resistant; they are most likely mutating in order to survive.

Poor water conditions such as dirty or standing water is the main cause of mosquito infestations even in northern countries. However deforestation, and agricultural methods and migrating populations will impact the spread of malaria and other insect transmitted diseases.

As humans become affected by global warming those that can migrate to better climates will and in turn introduce infectious diseases into their new cooler countries and climates. Clean water and water shortages, famine, crop failure, are likely to spread the vector-borne diseases: Malaria, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, encephalitis viruses causing, cholera, and typhoid plagues

Dengue Fever is common to South America especially in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The mosquito inhabits urban populations and breeds in standing water found in old cans etc, much the same way as the mosquito population in North America survives. As the climate warms these Dengue fever carrying mosquitoes can migrate northward as well. We now have seen incidence of Dengue Fever along the Mexican US border.

North America is already infiltrated with mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus. Again stagnant water is a main breeding ground for the Culex mosquito, the carrier of Arboviral Encephalides. They are also found in heavily wooded areas, and golf courses. This disease will affect both the human and animal population. Lyme Disease (Borrelia Burgdorferi) carried by deer infected with ticks can transfer to humans as well.

In the end, it is hard to predict the exact impact these diseases plaguing humans affected by global warming will be since it is all contingent upon governments, and the medical community’s ability to research, prevent, treat and adapt.

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