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Global Warming Hoax: Is It an Elaborate Scheme to Scare the Masses?

Recent talk of a global warming hoax has surfaced in the news and on the Internet, in fact there is even a site called This site boasts that it will debunk all the global warming hoax scares out there. The site provides news articles and articles writing by the staff. There is a section where people can write in to ask questions about a global warming hoax, or to just vent about the subject at large. This site invites the general public to contribute to the forum by writing papers on the subject of the global warming hoax.

The site also provides videos and documentation from world experts who testify that the global warming hoax about anthropogenic activity contributing to greenhouse gas emissions is unfounded, the earth is merely warming up due to natural cycle changes that have been consistant throughout time. Human beings have very little to do with it. Australian geologists, Professor Bob Carter maintains that it isn’t man’s fault.

There are videos debunking the reports that the Artic is melting in epic proportion. These reports reveal that statistics are largely exaggerated. The loss of ice is less than 10% in 28 years.

Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus Geology, Western Washington University, whose specialty is artic glaciers, presents an excellent paper in favor of natural causes being linked to diminishing glaciers.

Tom Knutson, NOAA Research meteorologist, defends that the increasing number of hurricanes are not a result of global warming.

Other sites also allude to a global warming hoax.

Many of us have heard of the highly publicized global footprints. The United States is said to have the largest footprint on the planet, resulting in more greenhouse gas emissions than any other country on the face of this earth. The picture evokes images of a big black sooty footprint that has polluted the world with carbon dioxide emissions from coal, wood, oil, and gas consumptions. The picture makes you think of black soot and dirt polluting the air. The truth of the matter is that carbon dioxide is not visible. Humans exhale carbon dioxide and you will find much higher levels of carbon dioxide concentrations in any crowded lecture hall or busy convention center than you will find present in the earth’s atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is vital to plant life, trees breathe in carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is necessary for plant growth. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions will lead to plant death. If carbon dioxide is so vital to life on earth, then how can it be considered a pollutant?

Various reports from NASA and other sources maintain that the earth is entering a natural cooling stage that will last for decades, if that is so, how can carbon dioxide be warming up the earth at the same time?

There is much evidence supporting the global warming hoax just as there is much evidence supporting the global warming claim, become an informed citizen and research both sides before forming your own opinion.

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