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Global Warming Facts: Point Towards a Different Earth Than We Now Know

The earth is visibly going through climate changes. Scientists have seen how the earth has warmed up by at least 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last one hundred years. Documented recorded temperatures from the 1880’s onward provide some of these global warming facts. The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states that temperatures have been hotter these past eleven years with 2005 being the hottest year on record. Actually, these last twenty years has been the hottest known years in the last 400 years of the earth’s climate history.

Global warming facts reveal that the Artic is feeling the most climatic changes. Polar ice caps are melting at an accelerating rate. If these glaciers continue to meltdown, the Artic might become devoid of ice during its summers in as early as 2040.

According to the multinational Arctic Climate Impact Assessment report (2000 – 2004) the rise in temperature in Alaska, Western Canada, and Eastern Russia is equal to twice the rate of any other location on the globe. It does not stop there; glaciers and ice-capped mountains are melting all over the globe. According to the global warming facts, in 1910, Glazier National Park in Montana boasted a total of 150 glaciers, now they are left with only 27.

The documented reports on global warming facts have also concluded that the spring thaw comes one week early and the colder weather a week later in the Northern Hemisphere, indicative of a seasonal shift and ultimate climate change.

Sea temperatures are rising, and coral reefs are very sensitive to even the smallest water changes. Coral Reefs are becoming bleached or dying out completely because of stress due to the warmer waters. The situation is expected to get worse.

The increasing reports of heat waves, forest fires, and tropical storms are being attributed to global warming.

Some evidence within the annuals of global warming facts point to the earth’s natural cycles with regard to the earth’s axis shifts, rotations, and tilt towards the sun, however most scientists concur that blaming the natural cycles are minimal at best.

Global warming facts gathered by over 2,500 scientist in over 120 countries all point to anthropogenic (human activities) causes for these climate changes. The shift from an agricultural to industrial society began the phenomena that we are now experiencing. The greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, (oil, gas, coal etc) releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from mining, big power plants, automobiles deforestation and more is directly responsible. Other greenhouse gases such as Methane largely due to burning garbage in landfills, and even nitrous oxide and water vapor manipulated by anthropogenic means has left us with this dire legacy.

People are generating this increase in greenhouse gases faster than the earth, plant, and animal live can absorb it. These gases are poured into the atmosphere causing a blanket of heat hovering above the earth, keeping the heat within the earth’s atmosphere unable to escape into outer space. The present emissions will remain in the atmosphere for many years to come.

Accumulated global warming facts point to the rapid changing of the face of the earth. The Artic is disappearing. Land area is converting into water areas because of the melting glaciers. Earlier springtime and rising sea levels, tsunamis and tropical storms, are disrupting human, plant and wild life. Deserts will continue to prop up as the earth dries out in some parts of the earth and food will become scarce resulting in more worldwide famines.

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