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Global Warming Effects: Shall We Whine or Wine About It?

There are so many different global warming effects it is pretty difficult to count them. Each source that you investigate will offer some known global warming effects but not every site can count all of them. Furthermore, new studies are continually bringing out new global warming effects.

We have all heard about climatic changes and each of these climatic changes causes changes in the earth, animal, vegetation, and quality of living. Every area of our life will be affected. Some of these changes are visible now and some are yet to be determined.

What we do know is that climatic changes will affect the food chain. In terms of agriculture many crops will become obsolete in certain areas of the world causing famines. However, many people scoff it off dissociating themselves with famines, droughts and the poor. Wealthier people do not foresee their life styles changing all that drastically, but global warming is just that, a global problem. Climatic changes do not distinguish between the rich and the poor, and will affect the cup of rice a day refugee as well as the wine connoisseur.

Global warming effects of climatic change will target light and dry wines. They will cease to exist on the market or be drastically changed in content and taste. Grapes are very sensitive to climate conditions. If the weather becomes too warm, the nature sugar content in grapes develop faster. Growers owning vineyards in California in the United States and France in Europe will be faced with a critical decision; to harvest the crops faster and therefore create a new flavor that will be so sickly sweet it will resemble the taste of jam, or leave the grapes on the vine longer risking a higher alcoholic content.

The climate changes have already hit the pinot grape. Imagine no more Pinot Noir? These thick-skinned grapes must grow in cooler temperatures. Growers in Oregon are seeing the affects of the sun on the pinot’s rich berry flavor.

The entire Bordeaux wine region of France may lose its lustrous qualities for producing this world famous wine. A life without Bordeaux might mean a life of boredom for some wine aficionados.

What is a good wine without a good dinner? However warming temperatures are depleting the wild Pacific salmon, and lobster populations. Escargot may become a thing of the past, and even your basic codfish dinner direct from the North Sea will become a distant memory. Many aquatic species are not adapting well to warmer waters.

While we whine about our wine around the Christmas tree to toast the festive occasion, we might have to whine about not having a traditional pine tree as well. Global warming effects are creating a breeding ground for pine bark beetles, which were once controlled by the frigid British Columbia weather. Now there populations are out of control, infesting the pine trees and killing them.

Wine is too rich for your taste you say, well how about some pretzels and beer? Your favorite bartender would offer you some complimentary mixed nuts but guess what, scientists are predicting a decline in walnut and California grown almonds. The crops are expected to yield a 20 percent decline in their harvest within the next four decades.

Somehow that refugee holding his daily ration of a cup of rice is not all that isolated after all. Food and beverage shortages affect all of us.

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