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Global Warming Causes: Largely Due to The Earth’s Natural Function

When we discuss global warming causes we must first separate them into two different groups. The first group is the group that will include natural global warming causes brought on by nature. The second group will be human intervention and how it has contributed to global warming causes. However, the powers of natural play a vital role in affecting climate changes.

Natural global warming causes

The earth was never designed to maintain the same climate and temperature. It goes through cycles and climate changes. These climate changes usually happens every 40,000 years or so. Climate change is very complicated but basically it is dependent upon the relationship between the earth and the sun.

Much information can be found on the earth’s axis, and how it tilts towards or away from the sun. If the earth did not tilt and remained in the same position, there would be no seasons. The weather would be constant depending on the relative distance the earth is away from the sun. Furthermore, there would be only day or only night depending again on the degree of the tilt.

The astronomer Milankovitch maintained that the earth tilts on its axis on an angle between 22.1° and 24.5°, each tilting enables summer to occur in one hemisphere and winter in the other. Seasons change as the earth’s tilt changes. When there is less of a tilt it will produce cooler summers and warmer winters but when the tilt is greater extreme weather conditions will prevail.

Besides the tilt of the axis that changes approximately every 41,000 years, the shape of the earth’s orbit around the sun will affect the climate as well. The perihelion is the point when the earth is nearest to the sun, while the aphelion is when the earth has a much larger orbit and it is farther away from the sun. These cycles occur on an average of every 90,000 – 100,000 years.

Another factor to the climate change is called procession and is the rotation (the circular movement of the earth axis making the axis appear like a spinning top). The procession occurs every 22,000 years or so and the greater or lesser intensity of the movement will cause seasons to slowly shift over time. This procession of the earth around the sun will shift entire seasons around. We know from the past that the northern hemisphere was once warmer, and the southern hemisphere colder.

Thereby in any discussion about global warming causes we must not negate the natural progression of the earth, its axis, tilt, orbital shape, and progression (rotation) in relation to the sun.

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