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Easily Attainable Ways to Prevent Global Warming

We know that global warming is a serious problem facing our governments, environmental associations, scientists, and medical communities today. There are many ways to prevent global warming that even the average citizen can do to prevent the problem from getting any worst than it already is. The issues of global warming are universal issues and some are more complicated than others but coming up with ways to prevent global warming is also a universal issue requiring everyone’s participation. The average citizen may not be able to stop all greenhouse gas emissions or stop the Artic ice caps from melting but the average citizen can reduce global warming in his or her personal space.

At home simple ways to prevent global warming like reducing your thermostat in the winter by two degrees, is hardly noticeable and will make a big impact in a collaborative effort to reduce electricity and carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions. If your home is drafty you are using much more energy to heat your home than is needed. Make your home warmer by sealing off all drafts coming from windows and doors with plastic and or weather stripping. Turn down the thermostat when you leave the house for long periods of time, and close off rooms that are not being used to save on fuel costs and electricity bills.

Ways of saving money is foremost on the minds of most residents these days, and simply turning down the thermostat on your water heater will help you do it. Most people tend to keep the water heater too high, but by setting the thermostat to 110 – 120 Fahrenheit will save the average consumer up to 3 to 5 percent on their energy consumption.

One of the easiest ways to prevent global warming and save on electricity is to change the type of light bulbs that you use. According to The Union of Concerned Scientists, changing from incandescent to florescent light bulbs will stop 90 billion future pounds of carbon dioxide emissions released into the earth’s atmosphere.

You would be surprised to know that much energy consumption is due to what is known as “phantom loads.” Phantom loads are the electricity absorbed by different appliances, electrical and electronic products even when not being used. For example your common DVD player has a built in light that will remain on even if your DVD player is not in use. Simply having machines plugged in will keep the current running. These phantom loads from various sources account for about 11 percent of residential consumption. Unplug as many things that you can think of, that do not need to be constantly in use such as your toaster, computer and peripherals (printer, scanner, photo copying machine), even the power surge protectors, DVD recorder, air conditioners, and more.

Your local electric company, government office or even the Internet will provide you with many other ways to prevent global warming and save money in the process.

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