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Citizens Bond Together to Stop Global Warming

The first thing you see as you come to is the statement “ Stop global Warming. Join the Virtual March to reduce carbon emissions. While it is true that government, and big industry are looking for solutions to stop global warming, as a collective body, we the citizens of the world can do our part and support this very important cause.

The is a grassroots organization devoted to finding ways for the average citizen to make a difference. If you have seen the movie An Inconvenient Truth, you may be familiar Laurie David, its producer and also the founder of the Stop Global Warming site.

The Virtual March is a lobby group consisting of 1,130,285 supporters to date whose mandate is to demand that our politicians and leaders reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The first thing you can do to make a change is to join the fight, you do have a voice, so let it be heard, we all have to do our part to stop global warming. In the end your voice can and will count.

The second thing you can do is to share this site. Even though it is a virtual project in cyber space, by advocating for the virtual march you will be doing your part to forward on this site information to your family, friends, and community. You will be helping to educate them on the important steps necessary to stop global warming.

Another thing to do is change your habits at home to help stop global warming. For example according to a study coming from the Journal of Science The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a light absorbing dye that will harness solar power to heat our homes.

Today we can choose to go green and preserve our earth. We can choose to use burlap and canvas bags brought from home over plastic given out at the super markets. Plastics are non-biodegradable; the gases they give off after being discarded as waste, lingers in the atmosphere even though invisible to the naked eye. Plastics finding their way into our oceans are interfering with our eco-system, harming marine life, and disrupting the food chain.

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Furthermore, you can choose non-chemical products over harsh chemicals for cleaning your house.

Do not buy scented candles. They often contain phthalates compounds that harm the environment and human health (hormones) as well. Opt for a natural soy based candles.

You can put a brink in your toilet tank to help conserve the amount of water going down the drain with every flush.

Look for the FSC label on your new purchases and purchase furniture made from sustainable wood.

Where ever possible buy organic foods and use reusable containers for packing lunches rather than plastic bags.

Use recyclable paper at home and at work wherever possible. Do not print unnecessarily. Pull out the plug on your computer, fax, scanner, printer and office and home electrical units.

Visit the site for yourself, read the wonderful articles that are all about global warming; the causes, the affects, the solutions projected and put into place by industry and government bodies and the additional ways that you the consumer can do to stop global warming.

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