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Al Gore Global Warming Warnings: Our World Is In a Crisis

Vice President Al Gore was defeated in the 2000 election but his passion for humankind was not defeated, Gore turned his direction towards saving the planet from the dire effects of global warming. Al Gore global warming crusader presents the truths and debunks the myths about global warming and climatic change.

Al Gore, global warming advocate, has a passion to educate the public on this climate change crisis. He endorses an educational program to make people aware of this never-ending global concern. You can now purchase the Sundance Film Festival hit An Inconvenient Truth, directed by Davis Guggenheim and narrated by Al Gore that explains the global concerns in DVD form, The free companion guide and purchase of the DVD can be found at

The DVD talks about the Al Gore global warming predictions and how the world is headed for a disaster of the magnitude that we have never seen in our lifetimes. There will be treacherous heat waves, epidemics, flooding, hurricanes, droughts, and seemingly natural catastrophes of epic proportion that will assault our earth if we do not change our ways within the next ten years.

Many have stated that Al Gore is the most misunderstood person in the American Public eye, but here in this video, Al Gore global warming warnings are laid out in such a fashion that there leaves very little to be misunderstood. He is informed, serious, passionate, and even funny with a fresh prospective on the subject in an effort to get to the hearts and minds of every planetary citizen.

Yet, at the same time, the Al Gore global warming warnings are designed to pull no punches. The situation is critical in his view and means action now, before it is too late. There is no time to pass the buck, blame the government, or big business, the citizens of the United States as well as citizens of the world must accept responsibility in part for this global crisis.

The evidence is overwhelming, many more category 4 and 5 hurricanes, rises in sea levels causing massive flooding and endangerment to plants wildlife, coral reefs, and humanity are happening as we speak. Polar ice caps melting, and the spread of diseases such as malaria is on the rise. Animals are starving or migrating to other areas because of the climatic changes, and the deaths of animals and humans on the rise because of intense conditions. It is predicted that millions more can die in the future.

The Al Gore global warming findings clearly point to a moral obligation that we, the citizens of the world, have to save our world for ourselves and more importantly for our descendants.

We can do our part as citizens of the world, simply by making small changes in our daily life. We can conserve energy at home, use less electricity, turn the thermostat down by just two degrees in the winter, choose florescent lights over incandescent lights, buy energy saving appliances and more. Outside, we can use our automobiles less and walk, bike or take public transportation.

We can also become advocates for a cleaner environment and join the stop global warming virtual march at and also advocate for lesser greenhouse emission in our schools and workplaces.

There are many more things we can do and they can be found at various websites such as ,

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